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Black Lives Matter Ritual

This is an invocation to John the Conqueror. It is a simple spell requiring only a few tools and ingredients. It is meant to be a basic guide but any practitioner may adapt and expand as they see fit to their magical practice.

John the Conqueror was an African prince who was sold into slavery in the Americas. Despite his enslavement, his spirit was never broken and he eventually freed himself through trickery-a trait he later demonstrated when he duped the devil. In African American folk magic, and for the sake of this spell, he is invoked most often for power, prosperity and defeating evil forces. 
Get a single use, purple spell candle. One of about 4 inches would work, or any taper candle.
Hold the candle in your hand. Say, "With the help, grace and Universal power of John the Conqueror, I consecrate this candle as an instrument of magic. May I aid in the prosperity and power of black people. So let it be." Visualize your personal power infusing it and feel it respond to you energetically. Feel it coming alive to you. Feel the co-creative powers between you and John the Conqueror. 
If you have oil, you may anoint your candle by starting at the top and rubbing it in a downward motion toward the middle. Stop there and then work upward from the bottom of the candle toward the middle. 
Carve with your magical tool (athame, knife, pointed crystal, or personal tool of choice) into the candle, "John Over John" five times. Concentrate on John's image or energy as you do this. "John Over John" is a potent and powerful magical phrase to be repeated at any time that you need to invoke John the Conqueror for our collective cause.
Place the candle at your altar or if you do not have one, a spot where it may receive the light of the moon. Surround your candle with crystals of abundance like amethyst. Light your candle and say outloud or in your heart those three magical words. "John Over John."
If you have a cigarette on hand, you may strengthen the pathways of communication to Spirit with tobacco. Light the cigarette, inhale and and as you exhale, breath your intention of black prosperity and power into the flame. Do this three times.
Leave your candle to burn up until the end, knowing and feeling that you have just given your powers to the Revolution. 

Download this potent & powerful art magic for your altar or protest signage