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Snakes For Hair

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Shiva, the Auspicious One or Supreme Being, is so multifaceted that he is impossible for mortal minds and language to grasp. He is the Lord of dance, meditation, and yoga, but more paradoxically of destruction and creation, sexuality and celibacy, hedonism and restraint. Through his powers to destroy and recreate, we may tear down the illusions and imperfections of this world, paving the way for beneficial change. 

Shiva's iconography is marked by a matted bun that sits high on his head, with a crescent moon affixed to represent the passage of time, or moon phases. The river Ganges spouts from atop to stand for flow of knowledge. Around his neck is a coiled serpent representing Kundalini, the spiritual energy within life. His third eye means divine wisdom and garland of skulls, the continual destruction and creation of the human race.

Shiva's day of the week is Monday.

Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented with patchouli, absinthe and black currant.

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