Due to Covid-related supply chain issues, our soy scented blend is temporarily out of stock for Classic and Zodiac collections. All candles in these collections are a non-scented paraffin wax. Price has been adjusted accordingly. Soy blend projected to be back Fall 2021. Please check here for updates.

THE ROSE GARDEN | LOVE DRAW (champagne glitter)

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THE ROSE GARDEN | LOVE DRAW (champagne glitter)

The rose has long been used in love spells and is associated with Aphrodite, Eros and Adonis-powerful allies to petition in your work. Harness this flower power to pull whichever kind of love you seek. In any love work, when we want to attract, best practice is to focus on being love. Find that high vibration, connect to your chosen deity, feel you are that beam of loving light. Like attracts like, that is how you draw! 

Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented with patchouli, absinthe and black currant. 

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