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Snakes For Hair

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The use of altar cloth in rituals, ceremonies, Tarot, runes, and divination spans many mystical traditions. It’s purpose is to sanctify a space, provide spiritual focus, and inspire magick. 

This 18” by 18” flat weave altar cloth features the sacred heart design based on our candle.  

“The heart is symbolized by the sun as a center of life and the rayed sun and radiant or flaming heart share the same symbolism as centers of the macrocosm and microcosm, as the heavens and man and as transcendent intelligence. The heart is also portrayed by the downward pointing triangle. For Aztec, the center of man, religion and love; the unifying principle. The heart sacrifice represented the liberating of the life-blood, the seed of life, to germinate and flower. In Christianity, love, understanding, courage, joy and sorrow. The flaming heart depicts religious fervor, zeal and devotion; Love, understanding, courage, joy and sorrow. The pierced heart is penitence.” 

- An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols,” J.C. Cooper

Printed on one side only. Minor imperfections and slight variations may be found. 

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