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The Art of Candle Magic


Candle magic, like any other form of magic, works because of the nature of physical reality, both on the material, or visible, plane and the ethereal, or invisible one. 
All material things are made up of energy which is moving at varying rates, however slowly or imperceptibly to the human eye. A thought radiates energy and creates change just as much as the wind.
Candle magic is a way of harnessing the unseen energy of the universe into particular thoughtforms that work to affect change in the physical world-whether that change is tangible, like money, or in intangible, like love.
If magic is the art of sending a particular thought into the spiritual plane to be manifested, your candle is the conduit. Your request is sent through the medium of the flame, as the candle becomes the link between your physical reality (or microcosm) and the infinite universe (the macrocosm). As the candle burns, it disappears, leaving the material plane and joining the ethereal one, carrying with it the message of intention. 


Magic is a feelings-based system that helps you realize your mission as a self-creator. Love is the law and the greatest principle is to work in your highest vibration and from your most inspired, creative source. When preparing to light your candle, do whatever helps to get you to that place-put on music, meditate, or just visualize what it is that you want and feel that it is already yours. Do this in a space that feels comfortable or sacred to you. It can help to create an altar space as that will be your portal to the world of magic.
Words have power and they will also be part of your candle ceremony. Write down what it is that you want on a piece of paper (small, because you will want to later light it without starting a fire!). Again, it helps to consider it already done, so write in the present tense. "Thank you for this job, this person, etc." If you are trying to manifest love, maybe write a few attributes that you want in a person. Write anything that helps you focus and feel inspired. 
When you feel that you have gotten yourself to a magical thinking and feeling place, that is when it's time to light your candle. As for the paper you have just written on, that is your petition to the universe to materialize what it is that you want. Burn that in the flame of your candle with a non-flammable tool, like metal tongs or tweezers. As it burns, feel your message being delivered into the microcosm. Then sit with your lit candle, stare into the flame, and be with that feeling for as long as you like.
The ashes of the petition paper may be discarded or deployed in many ways (buried at a crossroads, thrown to the wind) but do this with equal feeling.
Regarding the length of time or number of lights a candle gets-that is up to the individual practitioner. Some let it burn straight through until it finishes, uninterrupted. Others believe relighting it each day reaffirms the intention daily, and regular affirmations always support manifestation work. Just make sure your candle burns to the end in order to seal the deal. But we at Snakes for Hair do not advocate leaving any lit candle unattended unless you take serious precautions by setting it in a small bowl and placing it in the tub, a full sink of water, etc. 
Too much information? Not enough? Please refer to our contact page for any questions and we are happy to talk more magic. Xo