The Way Through

We believe there is power in the magikal network and collective prayer. The spiritual path can be a shared one and we may call upon guides, co-creators and fellow magicians to walk with us. 
Our bespoke services include two personalized fixed candles: one shipped to you to pray over and a corresponding one that we will work with in tandem to amplify the energy. We encourage you to provide any information such as photographs, names, narratives, and a petition so that we may best support the work. Our altar candles can take 5-7 days to burn and for this duration, we provide ongoing consultation. Cost of this service is $60.00 including a classic candle of choice or $65.00 for glitter).
If you are unable to conduct your own work due to safety, privacy or any other reason, we also offer this remote service where we alone light a candle for you for $25.00.
To learn more, contact us. xo.