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Snakes For Hair

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A tree represents “The whole of manifestation,” according to the Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols(J.C. Cooper). A deciduous tree, such as  here, stands for constant renewal and regeneration, resurrection, and reproduction; a tree containing a sun and moon reflects the joining of the macrocosm and microcosm; of heaven and earth. 

Trees represent the attainment of esoteric knowledge and the idea of climbing a tree can mean to ascend to other realms for wisdom and magickal powers. 

Trees symbolize the feminine principle of nourishing, sheltering and protecting; but also unity of complementary principles of both male and female, or Androgyne; Resembling the human figure, a tree may mean the unification of self. 

Unframed on 5” x 7” text weight paper. See our candle version. 

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