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 “Symbolically, the mushroom evokes unexpected manifestations of what is already proliferating in invisible, vegetative dimensions. What “mushrooms” into our conscious life can function to enchant, expand, alter, nourish, but also to poison. The mushroom cloud, for example, signifies explosive devastation and nuclear change. Mushrooms have ever been associated with bivalent spirits and the sacred rituals that conjure their potency. When a contemporary Mazatec Indian in Oaxaca, Mexico, was asked why the sacred Mushroom was called “nti si tho,” “that which springs fourth,” the Mazatec answered, “The little mushroom comes of itself, no one knows whence, like the wind that comes we know not once or why.” - The Book of Symbols 

Siberian and Alaskan shamans used mushrooms to increase physical strength and to induce trances. In pre-Hispanic cults of the sacred mushroom still alive in Mexico and Central America, mushrooms are ritually eaten for the purpose of healing, divination and producing visionary states. They are commonly  used in shamanic rituals as an agent for healing and knowledge. According to Mircea Eliade, this passage to shamanic knowledge, known as axis mundi, is guarded by two serpents.

Recommended to support work in trauma, depression, addiction, and shedding fixed patterns of perception and behavior.

Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented in absinthe, black currant, patchouli and cannabis. 

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