Due to Covid-related supply chain issues, our soy scented blend is temporarily out of stock for Classic and Zodiac collections. All candles in these collections are a non-scented paraffin wax. Price has been adjusted accordingly. Soy blend projected to be back Fall 2021. Please check here for updates.


Snakes For Hair

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Lilith, otherwise known as the Night Flyer, is the revered and feared goddess of the night in Jewish mythology. Before working with Lilith, it’s advised that you learn her story and powers, as she had many facets not to be taken lightly! She is often invoked for attraction, sex magic and moon magic. She is associated with the waning or dark moon and is best summoned during these phases. She represents the element air and may be conjured for that energy in your practice. 
She also comes in print form to grace your moon goddess altar. 

Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented with patchouli, absinthe and black currant. ***

***Please note! Due to supply chain issues, we are currently only offering our non-scented paraffin wax candles. Price has been adjusted accordingly. Please check back for updates on our usual soy blend product which we will announce in the banner. 

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