Due to Covid-related supply chain issues, our soy scented blend is temporarily out of stock for Classic and Zodiac collections. All candles in these collections are a non-scented paraffin wax. Price has been adjusted accordingly. Soy blend projected to be back Fall 2021. Please check here for updates.


Snakes For Hair

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The egg itself conveys the cosmos, while the serpent (Ananke) is the swirling creative force surrounding it; It is a pervasive creation myth across cultures that the universe sprung from an egg; eggs symbolize unification of complementary principles (yin and yang, the white and yoke) and for regeneration, as the yellow is the sun. The Hindu god Vishnu entered the cosmic egg to retreat before giving birth to Brahma, the Creator, and ancient healing practices mimicked a similar “incubation” period for initiates where they were to withdraw to a cave until ready to emerge renewed. 

Light for birth, rebirth, new beginnings; for generative energy, for fertility, for unification and balance of self; for looking inward; for healing.

Made with 100% soy wax and lightly-scented with patchouli, absinthe and black currant. ***

See our other Cosmic Egg creation for a more permanent place at your altar. 

***Please note! Due to supply chain issues, we are currently only offering our non-scented paraffin wax candles. Price has been modified accordingly. Please check back for updates on our usual soy blend product which we will announce in the banner. 

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